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About the Campaign

Hermann’s Jazz Club was established in 1985, and has become a cornerstone for live musical performance in Greater Victoria (and Vancouver Island).

In 2015 the owner Hermann Nieweler passed away, and the operation and facility have been managed by the estate (family) and a committee of volunteers (Kelby MacNayr, William Stewart, Nichola Walkden), with support from the community. In operating the Club Hermann’s generosity to the music community has been realized, as the operation as a stand-alone business is unsustainable, having previously been subsidized by rental income received from other tenants within the building (753/751 View Street) that Hermann Nieweler owned.

The primary mandate of Jazz On View at this time is to secure the all-ages performance venue (753 View Street, Victoria, BC) and to continue its tradition of all ages live music performance, in a way that is sustainable, advances the public’s appreciation of the arts, and contributes to the commerce of the arts.

We believe that the public’s support of this organization is strong enough to attain this goal charitably.

Jazz on View became a registered Society with the intention of creating a charitable organization that can assume the financial responsibilities of Hermann’s Jazz Club. Our timeline is rapid. We encourage you to stay informed about our progress, you can sign up for updates below.

The purpose(s) of the Jazz on View Society are to:
• Provide an all-ages live performance venue presenting to the community of greater Victoria and Vancouver Island, which places an emphasis on performance by local jazz musicians and ensembles;
• Provide an ability for fundraising for artist-lead creative ventures that strengthen the music industry, expanding exposure and awareness of jazz music (i.e. special performance series, promotion, workshops), and facilitate collaborations that further the art form; and
• Provide quality entertainment for the community of Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island. To this ends we adopt Coastal Jazz Society’s vision of jazz encompassing jazz, blues, world, creative, and improvised music, including evolving forms of jazz and the technologies and media that influence jazz as an art form.

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