Keep Hermann’s Live

An update for supporters of Hermann’s.

Arts on View (the new operating name of Jazz on View) has now achieved its goal of signing a five-year lease to operate Hermann’s Jazz Club and the View Street Social Club next door.

All operations and licences will be transferred from the current owners (Hermann Nieweler’s three children) by July 15. The board is now working hard to have the equipment upgraded and is planning other improvements as well.

Jazz on View recently adopted the operating name of Arts on View and has had a new logo designed with this in mind. The operating name reflects the organization’s overall vision of transforming the entire building at 753 View Street into a community-owned and operated centre for performing and visual arts.

Of course Hermann’s will always be Hermann’s.

With this in mind, Arts on View continues to talk to the estate about the potential for a lease on the rest of the building.

Learn about our exciting vision for the Hermann’s Building! Check out our new Vision Page.

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Send Letters or Video support

Hermann’s Jazz Club is a special place.
Live music venues are important to people from so many walks of life for so many reasons. I have had the liberty of seeing these letters pour in over the last few weeks and let me say it is a beautiful experience. No one person can define why Hermann’s Jazz Club is important – this is the village. Together we are telling the story of why we should save this place and what we want to protect for the future.
The number one reason to date has been mental health and well-being of audience members. Second place, opportunities for young musicians to experience the stage…third is the frustration with society’s displacement of live performance via high rise desires.
Musicians, audience members, musicologists, lovers of jazz and live music – submit your letter or video of support.

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